Nathalie Delisle-présidente-G-1-SacNathalie Deslisle, President and founder, is very passionate about what she does
and that is reflected in her business.

The entrepreneur, formerly trained journalist, decided to create a new business in
2010. Her drive, enthusiasm and her communication skills led her to this
wonderful new chapter called G-1 Sac. It is a dream come true.

With its desire to bring forth the talents of local and international artists, G-1 sac
partners with many artists in order to offer them a window of opportunity under
the Dezango™ banner. Therefore, each artist can express his or her artistic vision
and thus transports you to another dimension of creativity.

Mother to three young daughters, the entrepreneur finds harmony and balance
between career and family life.
                                                           G-1 Sac is the relection of Nathalie Delisle’s flamboyant personality.