After a humanitarian mission to Cambodia, the French artist Sandy Blain gave herself a
personal mission to import the Cambodian expertise in silk-weaving techniques. La vie
devant soie, created in 2004, offers a line of products merging modern design and
sophisticated ancestral techniques. This is a pure marriage made in fashion heaven and
it respects social ethics and traditions – values that are near to our heart at G-1 Sac.


La vie devant soie imports the expertise of the Cambodian weavers, thus giving these
women the opportunity to gain independence and a stable income.


Its secret to success resides in the delicate alliance of textiles obtained from all over the
country. Mousseline, velvet and cotton is incorporated in the Cambodian wild silk. The
combination creates a supple, practical and resistant material without affecting its

Wild silk is extracted from the Chrysalis cocoons living in the forest. Since the
reproduction cycle is longer, the wild silk obtained is of greater quality and finesse.

G-1 Sac has been importing this exclusive collection throughout Canada since 2013. It is
already available in other countries which have been seduced by its rich colors and